How do I publish my results on the ITRA website?

To upload the result file of a race, you must supply us with an excel file must containing the following data with the EXACT excel column heading.

Information Excel File Column Heading
The finishing position of the runner (Number only, no commas) Ranking
Race time of the runner (hh:mm:ss) Time
Last name (Latin alphabet only) Family name
First name (Latin alphabet only) First name
Gender (M for Man, F for Female) Gender
Full Birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD) Birthdate

Nationality (NOT COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE) (must be CIO 3 letter code)

Race/ Bib Number (optional) Bib number
City of residence (optional) City


Please always make sure that: 

Your file is a .XLSX document
The file starts in cell A1
All the columns are properly formatted.

Any incomplete file may be refused.

More information on the result file (data and formatting) can be found in the mandatory result formatting guideline.
Quick guidelines
Result file template  (.XLSX document)

There are some mistakes in my result files, what should I do?

1) If the mistake is in relation to the personal information of a small number of runners (First name / Last name / birthdate / nationality),  you have two options:

  • Runners easily can claim or fix these results themselves by creating an account on our website. You can send them the following link with will describe the process (link will be available shortly)

  • You can send us an email clearly explaining the changes ( and we will proceed with the required update.

2) The mistake is in relation to the ranking or finish time of one or more runners

  • Please re-submit the full and corrected result file through your organizer account.

To make changes to the current year’s results, you are able to upload a new result file at any time using your organizer space. To make changes to a previous year’s results file please contact us by email.

Why isn't my result file accepted by the ITRA website?

To ensure your results are complete and correct we have in place several filters that check your results file before it is accepted into the ITRA results database.

If there is a problem, a message in red letters will tell you precisely which row (line) of your excel sheet contains the error.

You will need to make ALL the necessary changes before the file is accepted by our system.

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