*  Respect for

The practice of trail-running can entail risks and the search for performance and/or pleasure on no account justifies the distortion of one’s, more or less long term, good health.

Each runner will be particularly vigilant so as not to take any doping product and not to resort to the abusive use of self-medication. They must take care not to exceed their limits to the point of affecting their physical or moral integrity.

Mission Statement   ▾

Born in July 2013, the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) aims to give a voice to parties involved in trail running in order to promote its strong values, its diversity, the safety of races and the health of runners, as well as to further the development of trail running and ensure a constructive dialogue between the national and international bodies with an interest in the sport.

Here's something you might not know! 

Runners can now systematically rate the quality of a race in which they have participated, using a single tool, the ITRA quality questionnaire! 

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Opening of registration

Golden Ring Ultra Trail 100 2020

  • Registration
  • 23/09 ▸ 20/06
  • Location
  • Vladimir, Russia
  • Date of event
  • 19/07/2020
  • Distance
  • 80.5km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 300m+

Crazy Owl 50 2020

  • Registration
  • 23/09 ▸ 17/05
  • Location
  • Yaroslavl', Russia
  • Date of event
  • 12/06/2020
  • Distance
  • 22km ▸ 49.5km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 190m+ ▸ 470m+

Grand Trail Du Saint-Jacques 2020

  • Registration
  • 23/09 ▸ 04/06
  • Location
  • 43 - Haute-Loire, France
  • Date of event
  • 06/06/2020
  • Distance
  • 114.9km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 4380m+
  • ITRA points
  • 5
  • Mountain
  • 4
  • Finisher criteria
  • 410

North C Trail 2020

  • Registration
  • 21/09 ▸ 08/03
  • Location
  • West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
  • Date of event
  • 15/03/2020
  • Distance
  • 35.4km ▸ 48.3km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 710m+ ▸ 870m+
  • ITRA points
  • 12
  • Mountain
  • 2
  • Finisher criteria
  • 290310

Sur Les Traces De Vauban 2020

  • Registration
  • 21/09 ▸ 11/01
  • Location
  • 59 - Nord, France
  • Date of event
  • 11/01/2020
  • Distance
  • 8km ▸ 35km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 50m+ ▸ 200m+

Turmalina Ultra Run 2020

  • Registration
  • 21/09 ▸ 02/06
  • Location
  • Cordoba, Argentina
  • Date of event
  • 07/06/2020
  • Distance
  • 20km ▸ 89km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 1250m+ ▸ 3850m+
  • ITRA points
  • 02
  • Finisher criteria
  • 240320

Blizko Trail 2020

  • Registration
  • 20/09 ▸ 30/05
  • Location
  • Russia
  • Date of event
  • 31/05/2020
  • Distance
  • 13km ▸ 53.6km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 100m+ ▸ 400m+

Liuzhou Yuanbaoshan Super Cross Country 2019

  • Registration
  • 20/09 ▸ 08/10
  • Location
  • Guangxi, China
  • Date of event
  • 26/10/2019
  • Distance
  • 31.7km ▸ 53.3km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 1700m+ ▸ 3110m+
  • ITRA points
  • 23
  • Mountain
  • 67
  • Finisher criteria
  • 230250

Trail Hivernal Des Coursières 2020

  • Registration
  • 19/09 ▸ 09/01
  • Location
  • 69 - Rhône, France
  • Date of event
  • 12/01/2020
  • Distance
  • 15.7km ▸ 30.8km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 560m+ ▸ 1290m+
  • ITRA points
  • 01
  • Mountain
  • 45

Scott Xtrails Houffalize 2020

  • Registration
  • 17/09 ▸ 19/01
  • Location
  • Luxembourg, Belgium
  • Date of event
  • 25/01/2020
  • Distance
  • 20km ▸ 47.3km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 720m+ ▸ 1600m+
  • ITRA points
  • 2
  • Mountain
  • 4

Last results

03/11/2019   11.00km / 10m+
Baneasa Forest Run 2019 - Cross

Rk Name Time
1Mihail BIZNIUC00:39:28
2Andrei LIVEZEANU00:39:56
3Andrei IVANESCU00:40:12
1Mariana CRISTEA00:46:20
2Daniela CIOCAN00:46:40
3Ionela MUSCALU00:47:20

28/09/2019   8.10km / 390m+
Cronos A Foc 2019 - 2ª Crono Nocturna Barranco

Rk Name Time
1Jose Antonio MENA GARCIA00:27:31
2Manuel SEGARRA00:28:29
3Francisco Jose BUSTAMANTE VAL00:28:54
1Ines TIRADO AGOST00:31:32
2Gemma HERRERO VALLS00:33:19
3Elena PASTOR TEROL00:33:41

15/09/2019   34.80km / 990m+
Hemera Trail 2019 - Trail Du Lépreux

Rk Name Time
1Emir GRAIRI02:34:16
2Julien REMILLIEUX02:41:32
3Frederick MALLET02:50:32
1Camille LAMOUREUX03:43:01
2Delphine MISLER03:51:04
3Chloe DUBROUY04:04:30

15/09/2019   32.50km / 1250m+
L'infernal Trail Des Vosges 2019 - 30 Km

Rk Name Time
1Thomas CARDIN02:15:06
2Mickael VOIRPY02:20:38
3Edouard LAUDIER02:20:47
1Julie ROUX02:37:43
2Helene COLLE03:00:16
3Carol Ann EBERLE03:02:07

15/09/2019   93.60km / 2770m+
Hemera Trail 2019 - Trail Des Calvaires

Rk Name Time
1Garry ASSEL09:09:19
2Alexandre BALESTRERI09:28:35
3Julien LAUNAY10:58:55
1Christelle BALDINI13:53:32

15/09/2019   16.40km / 880m+
Chanchamayo Green Trail 2019 - 15K

Rk Name Time
1Jhon TIPA SANCHEZ02:20:00
2Alexander SMITH02:45:00
3Thomas NAJARRO03:03:00
1Micaela PEREZ02:33:00
2Monica ARTEAGA ALEMAN03:27:00
3Rafaela QUISPE TINIPUCLLA03:48:00

15/09/2019   14.40km / 600m+
Samba Trail 2019 - Samba Trail 14 Km

Rk Name Time
1Dmitry BREGEDA01:08:04
2Nikita PETROV01:19:36
3Oleg AFANASIEV01:27:41
1Irina VIDIASHEVA01:33:52
2Iuliia DADONOVA01:40:59
3Olga GUREVA01:46:52

15/09/2019   41.10km / 1550m+
Samba Trail 2019 - Samba Trail 40 Km

Rk Name Time
1Sergey LAPTEV03:43:49
2Egor RUCHNIKOV04:00:37
3Ivan STESHENKO04:09:45
1Mariia RUCHNIKOVA04:32:56
2Tatiana RZHAVSKOVA04:59:36
3Olga BIRIUKOVA05:37:33

15/09/2019   20.70km / 420m+
The North Face Endurance Challenge Wisconsin 2019 - Half Marathon

Rk Name Time
1John COLE01:23:13
2Christopher HURST01:29:48
3Adam SAUDER01:31:20
1Valentina AGU01:39:30
2Christina WICKER01:45:00
3Alyssa HALL01:46:15

15/09/2019   24.00km / 1390m+
Chanchamayo Green Trail 2019 - 25K

Rk Name Time
2Daniel MARTINEZ03:16:00
1Marylin ENRIQUEZ03:25:00
3Kelly CRONIN04:51:00
22/08/2019 15:58

Enjoy the UTMB week with ITRA!

ITRA Press Conference – Tuesday 27th of August

ITRA is organizing a press conference on Tuesday 27th morning. The subjects cover will be:
- Revelation of the trail running key figures in the world – Main figures from the ITRA database about trail running development around the world,
- QUARTZ, a unique program to better follow runners’ health – Focus on the QUARTZ Event program for race organizers.

For journalists who would like to join the press conference, please email us to get more details to: contact@itra.run.


QUARTZ Event program!

For the 11th year the QUARTZ program will be implemented on the UTMB.

What is the QUARTZ program?

The QUARTZ program is a voluntary and community-based approach, transparent and free of any financial interest to contribute to a clean sport practice and to protect runners’ health.

QUARTZ Event includes analyses to be carried out for a selection of athletes attending the race (based on their ITRA Performance Index). These analyses are a verification tool that ensures the accepted race regulations are respected by runners. They are also a monitoring tool that screens the runners’ health and alerts them in case of a medical problem.

With QUARTZ Event, two analyses are carried out by the runner: one within 30 days before the start of the race and another one on site within 5 days before the competition.

The results are then reviewed by the race's QUARTZ Medical Commission. Each profile is classified accordingly to the following categories:

  • A « normal » profile means that everything is fine!
  • A profile « with potential disease » means that biological values are characteristic of a potential disease. Additional analyses may be required.
  • An « atypical » profile means that biological values are outside laboratory standards. This is not a problem, but knowledge of medical history is essential to check whether this is normal or not. Further analyses are required.
  • An « abnormal » profile means that biological values are outside laboratory standards and/or inconsistent with previous test results. Additional analyses may be required as well as anti-doping control. The profile can be reported to the National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs).


The profiles’ analysis requires a certain expertise

In case of profiles with « potential disease » or « atypical » and, depending on the values observed, the race's QUARTZ Medical Commission may advise a runner not to start the race.

In the event of an « abnormal » profile: a « no start rule» may be delivered by the race organization on the advice of the race's QUARTZ Medical Commission. The 2019 race's QUARTZ Medical Commission is composed of 3 doctors (one from the ITRA Heath Commission, one from the Athletes For Transparency association and one from UTMB medical team) and 1 antidoping expert.

To inform and educate

Prior to the race, the organizers of the UTMB® encouraged all runners to update their personal health space (accessible from any free ITRA account).
The aim is to guarantee and to improve medical care to all the runners during a competition. The medical team can access participants' health spaces during the event in order to provide the most appropriate care, regarding the data previously registered on the runner’s health space such as special treatments, medications, allergies…!

ITRA Booth on the Ultra-Trail Expo

Let’s meet on the Ultra-Trail Expo!

Come and talk with the ITRA team and National Representatives to share your ideas and know better our activities.
We look forward to seeing you all at the booth n° 137 from Tuesday 27 to Friday 30 of August.
Some surprises and games will be organized on the booth and on the Instagram account during this week.

See you on the Expo!


Follow the TDS and UTMB race with ITRA Team!

For those who are not in Chamonix or who are not able to follow the race live, we will share a maximum of details regarding TDS and UTMB races’ follow-up from the ground! Stay tuned and follow our Instagram story @itra_trail.



Photos: David Gonthier

See you soon!

ITRA Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalTrailRunningAssociation
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itra_trail/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ITRA_trail