*  Fair-play

Fair-play indicates the loyal acceptance of rules, not only to the letter but also in the spirit which presides over their definition.

For the runners, to be fair-play means respecting the race regulations, not cheating, not bending the rules, refusing all forms of doping; but also embodying the human values of trail-running throughout all of their races; mutual aid and solidarity with the other runners, respect for all the players present at the races.

For organisers, respecting fair-play supposes the implementation of the necessary means to fight against "...cheating, bending the rules, doping, ...physical and verbal violence ...exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialisation and corruption" (extract from the Council of Europe’s Code of Sports Ethics).

Race Quality Index

At the heart of ITRA’s mission, the issue of quality is often closely linked to matters of safety and the services provided.

A number of new trail races are created every year, attracting new fans to the discipline from all over the world. As a result, it is becoming ever more important to take into account the level of quality of the different trail races before setting off along the mountain paths!

For a runner, embarking on a trail race requires not only specialised training but also experience and knowledge of the mountains for tackling the most demanding of terrains. For an organization, it is essential to ensure that all possible measures have been taken to ensure the quality of the race management and the services provided and to be prepared for any kind of problem that may occur (changing weather conditions, lost or injured runners...) whilst preserving the values and the spirit of trail running.

This is why the ITRA Quality Commission has decided to provide runners and organizers with a tool for assessing the quality of every trail race registered on the ITRA site.

Each runner will now be able to systematically rate the quality of a race in which they have taken part, using a single tool - namely the ITRA quality questionnaire!


The aim of the quality questionnaire

The purpose of the tool is to convey the overall quality of the organization of the race rated on the basis of different aspects observed by all participants (finishers or not) before, during and after the event.

What exactly is it?

  • An anonymous quality questionnaire is quick and easy to use
  • Each respondent has 15 questions to answer, to rate the races' organization quality
  • A single final quality index is published on the ITRA website
  • More detailed access is available for organizer members

How does it work?

The Runners' Quality Index is a mean score out of 5 and is calculated for each race on the ITRA calendar.

The mean score is obtained from the responses of the runners to each of the 15 questions, using a system of 1 to 5 stars, and reflects the level of quality recorded:

  • 1 star : the quality of the organization is poor; potential danger to participants.
  • 2 stars : the quality of the organization is average; important aspects of trail race organization require further review.
  • 3 stars : the quality of the organization is good; certain improvements are required.
  • 4 stars : the quality of the organization is very high; certain improvements could still be made.
  • 5 stars : excellent organization.

Each of the 15 points covered in the questionnaire is weighted by a specific coefficient.

For example, issues relating to participant safety will have a greater coefficient than those relating to the animation of the event in order to facilitate improvements in safety and preventive measures, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the organization.

NB: If the runner does not have an opinion in answer to a question, he can choose to tick "No opinion"

For organizers

You benefit from a reliable module that allows you simply and quickly to assess the overall quality level of your race. It is also a good way to promote your event!

Using this tool, it is possible to promote the status of smaller organizations where the level of quality is high but whose races are little known amongst the international community even though they deserve to be more popular. At the same time, the questionnaire can alert runners to races that might wrongly be assumed to be a high quality because they are well known.

If you are a member of ITRA, the quality questionnaire also allows you to access the mean scores for each question, with a view to identifying:

  • the strong points in the organization and management of your race;
  • potential areas for improvement in the next edition.

With regard to the latter, the ITRA team is at your disposal for helping you to achieve your goals!

How to access the questionnaire:

  1. Go to "My page"
  2. Click on "My account"
  3. Then "Races Management"
  4. Click on the questionnaire icon in the "Quality" column

NB: this icon appears only for the races that were held after 1 July 2018.

The procedure to follow:

1) After your event, enter the race results in your ITRA "Organizer space", taking care:

  • to use the required format (link to the procedure);
  • to include the DNF.

As soon as we validate the results, the quality questionnaire is automatically open to all your participants for a period of 60 days!

Encourage runners to respond by providing the URL of the questionnaire to all your participants, for example via a newsletter.

This URL can be found in the "Edit" tab of your questionnaire.

2) At the end of the 60 days, have a look to the Runners' Quality Index (in the "Results" tab of the questionnaire).

3) Find the mean scores for each of the 15 questions in the "Results" tab (for members only) and identify areas for improvement for the next edition.

The Runners' Quality Index is published on the ITRA website:

  • in the "Runner space" of each participant
  • in "Results" ("Races" menu);
  • in the calendar (in the information relating to your next event).

You would like to customize your questionnaire?

If you are a member of ITRA, you can!

Before your event, click on "Edit my questionnaire" in the "Edit" tab and:

  • add up to 5 questions (response format: a score out of 5 or a text field);
  • where appropriate, insert a link to your own questionnaire.

NB: if you choose to include questions with a response in the form of a score, these will be disregarded in the final calculation of the Runners' Quality Index.

After the event, follow the 3 steps listed above.


For runners

Now you can give your opinion of the quality of races in which you have taken part!

Whether you are a finisher or not, once the results have been sent to us by the organization, for 60 days after a race you can access an anonymous questionnaire that is quick and easy to complete.

This questionnaire is open to all runners who have started the race (finishers, DNF, ITRA members and non-members) and a fair and objective assessment of the quality of a trail race is essential.

  • If you are an ITRA member, remember to log in to your Runner space before accessing the questionnaire.
  • If you are not an ITRA member, you will have to fill in your first name, your surname and your date of birth exactly as they were entered at the time of registration for the race.

Warning: If you are unable to access the questionnaire, check with the organization that you are not registered with the wrong date of birth or with a misspelled first name or surname.


The ITRA questionnaire contains 15 questions but the organizer can choose:

  • to add 5 further questions
  • to insert a link to the organizer's own questionnaire, not managed by ITRA.

NB: Only the scores for the 15 ITRA questions are taken into account in the final calculation of the Runners' Quality Index.

How to access the questionnaire 

For ITRA members only:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to "My page", click on "See my runner file".
  3. Go to the "Results" tab and then to your "Track record" to see the "Quality Index" column where you will see the status of the questionnaires, i.e. if they are open or closed, if you have already scored the race or not, ...


  1. Open the "Races" menu, click on "Results".
  2. Search for your last trail race (check the period selected in the filters on the left).
  3. Click on "Give your feedback", which appears under the top 3 men and women of the race.
  4. Enter your login and password if you are an ITRA member; alternatively enter the requested information correctly.

NB: The questionnaire is open for races which took place after 1 July 2018 and for which we have received the results.

The final quality index is published on the ITRA website:

  • in your Runner space;
  • in "Results" ("Races" menu);
  • in the calendar (under the information relating to the next edition of the race)./li>