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To respect others, is to understand and accept their differences and it is to act in such a way as to not bother or hamper them. It is equally understanding that the race takes place in surroundings which have their own culture and traditions; it is consequently adopting the necessary "knowledge and understanding" in order to respect the local population, its culture and its customs.

Each runner also agrees to respect all people encountered during the course of the trail, who are also benefiting from the open country at the same time (other trail-runners, hikers, etc.).
Each runner agrees to know and respect the regulations of the race in which they have chosen to participate.

My health space

A private access to its health information

The health space is an online platform where runners can provide all their health data ; such as allergies, treatments, pathologies... They can also submit their medical certificate online. This platform is called SHOL.

Developed and implemented by the association Athletes For Transparency with whom ITRA has been collaborating for many years, this unique and innovative platform is not only for trail runners but for all athletes around the world. All the information are confidential and can be shared with medical teams and doctors if necessary (see QUARTZ Program).

The purpose of this platform? To allow all athletes, everywhere in the world, to be committed players in their own health, to be part of a transparency process and to facilitate care and rescue during competitions.

What to indicate on its health space:

 Medical form

In this section you must fill in all the information concerning you, that is to say your identity, your date of birth but also your height, your weight, your blood type ... Whether as part of the QUARTZ Elite program or QUARTZ Regular, these information are elementary.

What is QUARTZ Program?


Locating regularly is essential for QUARTZ Elite but not required for the QUARTZ Regular program.

As part of requests for analyses addressed to the runners of QUARTZ Elite program, it is necessary to be able to indicate them the nearest laboratory to do the biological analysis and, if necessary, to be able to reprogram them if the person is in a remote area.

 TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions)

Athletes may be sick or have diseases that require specific medications. When the medication taken to treat a particular disease or condition is on the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may allow that athlete to take the required medication.

It is imperative to declare all his TUEs on its health space.

 Analyses and results

Runners of the QUARTZ Regular program can submit their results of analyses on the health space. They will not be analyzed by the ITRA Health Commission but may be consulted by the medical and rescue teams in case of a competition part of the QUARTZ Event program.

QUARTZ Elite members can find in this section of the health space all the results of analyses carried out as part of the annual monitoring, but also the results of analyses carried out on the QUARTZ Event competitions (biological analyses carried out between D-30 and D-1).


This section concerns all the medical examinations carried out by the runner (e.g: radiography, scanner, echography ...). Whether for a simple medical check-up or following an injury, medical examinations may be necessary to guide the diagnosis and to detect a pathology or to identify an injury.

 Doping control

Athletes who have performed doping controls must indicate them in this section specifying the nature of the control (blood, urine or other sample) and attach the document(s) submitted after the control.

 Medications and treatments

All runners who have a health space must declare all the medications and specific treatments taken. On a daily basis, we sometimes do not realize our behavior regarding self-medication, it is always good to be able to list the different medications taken and the period in which they were used.

On the day of the race, it is also easier for the medical teams to quickly identify the runners under treatment (example: diabetics, runners with allergies, asthmatics runners...). In this way, the organizers setting up the QUARTZ Event program on their races, can easily identify these profiles with coloured stickers on the bibs for example, thus facilitating the rescue and care of the runners by the medical teams in case of a problem.

 Medical care

If a runner received medical care during a race, he needs to indicate in this section the name of the race, the date, the kilometers covered and if he abandoned or restarted.

 Dietary supplements

Food supplements are also important information to indicate on your health space. There are thousands of dietary supplements in the world and they are not necessarily all beneficial for our health. Combined with other supplements or medications, their effects can be harmful to the body. Once again, the more the runner provides information on its health space, the more the medical teams will be able to understand the runner's profile in the event of a health problem on the race day.

 Medical certificate

You no longer need to search during hours your last medical certificate to register for a race, you can store it online on your health space. Do not forget to renew it anyway when it is no longer valid!

For race organizers who set up QUARTZ Event on their competitions, you can retrieve participants' medical certificates easily.


Access to your health space below:

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