*  Fair-play

Fair-play indicates the loyal acceptance of rules, not only to the letter but also in the spirit which presides over their definition.

For the runners, to be fair-play means respecting the race regulations, not cheating, not bending the rules, refusing all forms of doping; but also embodying the human values of trail-running throughout all of their races; mutual aid and solidarity with the other runners, respect for all the players present at the races.

For organisers, respecting fair-play supposes the implementation of the necessary means to fight against "...cheating, bending the rules, doping, ...physical and verbal violence ...exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialisation and corruption" (extract from the Council of Europe’s Code of Sports Ethics).



ITRA is composed of members from various backgrounds, united by a passion for trail running within a non-profit association founded in July 2013.

The ITRA bodies

As a non-profit association, ITRA is composed of:
  • a Steering Committee, elected by the members of the General Assembly composed of ITRA members, which supervises the activities of the association. 
  • an Executive Board which manages the activities initiated by the ITRA operational team.
    The ITRA Steering Committee is composed of:
    3 permanent members
    • Jean-Marc Garcia - FRA
    • Jose Carlos Santos Dos Morais - POR
    • Michel Poletti - FRA
    8 organizing members
    • Alen Paliska - CRO
    • Bob Crowley - USA
    • Cristina Murgia - ITA
    • Enrico Pollini - ITA
    • Fernando Gonzalez Diaz - ESP
    • Janet Ng - HKG
    • Krzysztof Gajdziński (mandate 2017-2021) - POL
    • Mario Leal - POR
    4 regular runner members
    • Laurent Leloup - SWE
    • Monica Imana - PER
    • Nikos Zanas - GRE
    • Roman Sopka - SVK
    2 elite runner members
    • Nathalie Mauclair - FRA
    • Sarah Keyes - USA
    The Executive Board is composed of:
    1 President
    • Michel Poletti - FRA
    4 Vice-presidents
    • Bob Crowley - USA
    • Monica Imana - PER
    • Alen Paliska - CRO
    • Jose Carlos Morais Dos Santos - POR
    1 Treasurer
    • Janet Ng - HKG
    1 General secretary
    • Enrico Pollini - ITA
      The members of the Executive Board are drawn from the Management Committee and elected by it.
      Consult the association's statutes.

      The ITRA operational team

      ITRA's operational team is your privileged interlocutor. It implements ITRA's daily actions to promote the trail running and support its actors.

      The ITRA members

      ITRA members are individuals or entities who have joined ITRA by paying an annual membership fee. Organizing Members and Running Members elect their National Representatives every 4 years.

      Permanent members :

      All trail running participants, they were present at the creation of ITRA, and are each signatories of the ITRA constitution:   
        • Didier Curdy
        • Arnaud de Stael
        • Jean-Marc Garcia
        • Carlos Garcia Prieto
        • Bernard Landrein
        • Nicolas Mermoud
        • José Carlos Morais dos Santos
        • Alessandra Nicoletti
        • Fabrice Perrin
        • Jean-Charles Perrin
        • Catherine Poletti
        • Michel Poletti
        • Pierre Sallet
        • Hervé Simon.

            Organizing members 

            Representatives of organizations, non-profit otherwise that regularly organize trail running competitions.

            Running Members

            A person, , whether licensed with a national sports federation or not, who has participated in a trail running event at least once in the 24 months preceding his or her membership in ITRA.

            Honorary members

            Honorary Membership is granted by the Executive Board to any person who has rendered significant services to ITRA. These members are exempt from paying a membership fee and have no voting rights at the ITRA General Assembly.