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In practising trail-running, an activity in open country, humility is a behaviour that is adapted as much to the natural environment as to oneself.

In natural surroundings, it relies upon taking into consideration the existing natural hazards, whatever the relevance and the quality of the measures taken by the organisation of a race to ensure the safety of its participants. Humility, in the face of nature, supposes the capacity to show caution and can go as far as renouncing the race or the envisaged project. For that which concerns each individual, humility is based on the consciousness and the knowledge of one’s limits so as not to question one’s physical or mental integrity.

As a type of behaviour, humility is an inseparable attitude of listening and learning for better understanding of the principles which govern natural environments or the fundamentals of practising an intensive sport in natural environments.

Кристина Братасюк (Krystyna BRATASIUK)

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