*  Fair-play

Fair-play indicates the loyal acceptance of rules, not only to the letter but also in the spirit which presides over their definition.

For the runners, to be fair-play means respecting the race regulations, not cheating, not bending the rules, refusing all forms of doping; but also embodying the human values of trail-running throughout all of their races; mutual aid and solidarity with the other runners, respect for all the players present at the races.

For organisers, respecting fair-play supposes the implementation of the necessary means to fight against "...cheating, bending the rules, doping, ...physical and verbal violence ...exploitation, unequal opportunities, excessive commercialisation and corruption" (extract from the Council of Europe’s Code of Sports Ethics).


Performance index

Trail CategoryNew
Index (/1000)
Index (/1000)
Index Men
GENERAL 832 830 954
XXL 784 785 937
XL 825 823 910
L 807 810 912
M 772 778 927
S 784 777 948
XS 730 729 913

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