*  Authenticity

Authenticity is the first trail-running value. At its origins, trail-running was born from the runners’ motivation to practise their sport in contact with natural surroundings, so as to experience the beauty of the landscape and to learn to evolve without artifice in an environment that is demanding for both body and spirit. Trail-running is an authentic sport, because it creates a confrontation between the participant and the unspoilt natural environment as a source of inspiration, surpassing oneself, but also one of harmony.

As a social activity, trail running promotes human relationships based on simplicity, conviviality, sharing and respect for differences. The trail-running community gives these authentic values as much importance as those of performance and competition.

Joacim LANTZ

Performance index

Trail CategoryNew
Index (/1000)
Index (/1000)
Index Men
GENERAL 809 810 947
XXL - - 921
XL - - 915
L 806 803 908
M 798 794 933
S 783 790 925
XS 733 741 901

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Age : 28 years old (1991)
Nationality : Sweden

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Club : Ockelbo SK
Sponsor : Scott Running, Sportsgym