*  Equity

Is in the search for a just balance, based on impartiality and equal opportunity from which each runner should benefit.

The trail-running races are open to all runners. The regulations are conceived so that they apply equally to all concerned. All athletes are subject to the same conditions and they have the same rights and same duties. The measures taken to welcome the top athletes must on no account hamper the participation of the other runners.

It is the responsibility of the organisers to guarantee this principle of equity, to carry out the necessary checks and to offer all the participants the best race conditions possible.


Performance index

Trail categoryCotation ( / 1000)Men's best cotation
GENERAL 905 951
XXL 890 918
XL 881 911
L 879 919
M 834 943
S 841 926
XS - 911

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Age : 33 years old (1986)
Nationality : United States

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