*  Respect for

To respect others, is to understand and accept their differences and it is to act in such a way as to not bother or hamper them. It is equally understanding that the race takes place in surroundings which have their own culture and traditions; it is consequently adopting the necessary "knowledge and understanding" in order to respect the local population, its culture and its customs.

Each runner also agrees to respect all people encountered during the course of the trail, who are also benefiting from the open country at the same time (other trail-runners, hikers, etc.).
Each runner agrees to know and respect the regulations of the race in which they have chosen to participate.

Gennady Dubrovin (Dubrovin GENNADY)

Performance index

Trail categoryCotation ( / 1000)Men's best cotation
GENERAL 579 951
XXL 554 918
XL 505 908
L - 919
M 579 941
S - 916
XS - 909

About me

Age : 37 years old (1981)
Nationality : Russia