*  Solidarity

Solidarity is a value that is practised and shared by the inhabitants at the heart of natural regions, which can become hostile, and consequently they need to help each other to progress better together or simply to survive. In the name of the principle of solidarity, each player in the field of trail-running is asked to prioritise going to the aid of anybody in danger or difficulty wherever they are and in whatever circumstance.

In a more global manner, the participants and players in the trail-running field often show solidarity by making a commitment in favour of environmental, social or societal causes or by helping the underprivileged. Trail-running race organisers implement this principle of responsibility by directly supporting charitable actions and sustainable development; numerous participants “run for a cause” to support the projects of their choice.

Mission Statement   ▾

Born in July 2013, the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) aims to give a voice to parties involved in trail running in order to promote its strong values, its diversity, the safety of races and the health of runners, as well as to further the development of trail running and ensure a constructive dialogue between the national and international bodies with an interest in the sport.


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ITRA is looking for a Community Manager and a Project Coordinator !

You are a trail running and digital marketing passionate, you wish to contribute to the development of this sport in an associative environment? The following job applications are made for you !

(We are looking for bilingual profiles french/english)



14/09 US Trail Running Conference

Love trail running? We do too! Whether you're an experienced trail runner, and ultra-marathoner, a trail newbie, a trail race director, or somewhere in between, the fifth annual US Trail Running Conference, brought to you by Active at Altitude, is for you. The Conference is held in partnership with the American Trail Running Association, and takes place October 11-14, 2017, in Estes Park, CO, USA, at the historic Stanley Hotel.

See details & to register here

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22/08 ITRA Press conference


Friday, September 1st, 2017 - 12:00 am – 1:00 pm
Le Majestic, Congress Centre, Chamonix

Program :

  • Focus on the 2018 Trail World Championships
  • Presentation of the ITRA Quartz health program’s innovations

With the presence of the organizer of Penyagolosa Trails, José SANTOS vice-president of ITRA in charge of international relations, and some of the athletes involved into Quartz Programm 

Presentation of the ITRA Quartz health program’s innovations with the partner brands
Columbia, Compressport, Hoka One One, Salomon, The North Face,


  • Patrick BASSET president of the ITRA Health Commission and Ultra Sports Sciences foundation,
  • Pierre SALLET president of the Athletes For Transparency association and coordinator of Quartz program for the ITRA
  • Jean-Charles PERRIN representative of Ultra-Trail® World Tour


1.05 pm: Possible individual meetings with the speakers in the adjoining rooms of the Congress Centre

06/07 Asia Pacific Trail Running Summit

6 July 2017 - The 3rd edition of the Asia Pacific Trail Running Summit will be held tomorrow at the Shanghai ISPO in China.  Janet Ng, member of the Steering Committee, will discuss ITRA and its work, in addition to the development of trail running in Asia.

06/07 The 8th EHUNMILAK ULTRA-TRAIL® - July 7-9

The 3 events of this 8th edition will be held on July 7, 8 and 9 with departure and arrival in Beasain. Two of the tests will start on Friday July 7th and the little sister will be held on Sunday, July. As for the Ehunmilak Ultra-Trail® main event, its demanding course of 168km/D+11,000 m continues to attract an ever larger number of participants per year, as its reputation for beauty, personality and toughtness grows larger. There will be 409 aspirants this year to its finish line.

Ehunmilak novelties for 2017: The main novelties of this eigth edition correspond to the environment, sports control, safety and live race tracking.  • In the environmental field, extended measures are applied on waste recycling, with an ever larger number of containers for selective recycling in the race.  • Sports control includes specialized personnel to ensure no runner receives external support in any form, as well as cheking out mandatory gear per each entry.  • Live race coverage will be available via geolocation, video streaming and radiotrail. All ultrarunners for the 88k and 168km races, will be geotagged by GPS. It is also worth mentioning the increase in emergency specialists to cover the route with greater guarantees. Finally, fans will be able to follow the race by live streaming video as well as radio, with a live show of up to 30 hours coordinated by veteran trail journalist Mayayo from the #radiotrail show at Maratonradio.com More info here and access to facebook page here.

14/03 Fizkultura, 18th of March, Bulgaria // Trail-running seminar

Information from Miléna Alen, the ITRA national representative for organizers in Bulgaria:

"This saturday, 18th of March, three of the most inspiring and popular people in trail-running and endurance Dean KarnazesSean Conway and Ian Corless will participate as guest lecturers in Fizkulturaa seminar on trail-running and adventure in Bulgaria.

Together with the Bulgarian top mountain climber Boyan Petrov, the Bulgarian top female runner Antonia Grigorova, who is going to attempt a national female endurance record 600 km for less than 6 days, and Dimitrina Sivkova, one of the renowned kinesio practitioners who is also part of the ITRA Health Commission, they will talk about motivation and life experience in endurance and adventure."

26/01 Trail running recognition - Uruguay

16th of December 2016: 1st prize giving ceremony for the CAU (Uruguayan Athletic Federation) trail running category, in collaboration with the AUTRA (Uruguayan Trail running association) in which Daniel Perez, the ITRA National Representative of the Uruguayan Runners, is involved.

See the results

01/09 2016 Trail World Championships - Trans Peneda Trails

Already 40 delegations and 302 runners confirmed for Trans Peneda-Gerês 2016 Trail World Championships in Portugal ! Find more here

31/08 2018 Trail World Championships - PenyagolosaTrails

The 2018 Trail World Championships will be host in Spain on the Penyagolosa event.

More information : here on Marca (ES)

29/08 Highlights on UTMB

Beautiful images sometimes speak louder than text, so here is a short video of the highlights of this UTMB in 2016, held late August: https://youtu.be/oJpggFwx9Ic

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Opening of registration

La Transju'trail 2018

  • Registration
  • 16/10 ▸ 31/05
  • Location
  • 39 - Jura, France
  • Date of event
  • 02/06/2018
  • Distance
  • 5km ▸ 69.8km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 140m+ ▸ 3290m+
  • Endurance points
  • 24
  • Mountain
  • 57
  • Finisher criteria
  • 330420

Marathon Du Mont-Blanc 2018

  • Registration
  • 16/10 ▸ 17/06
  • Location
  • 74 - Haute-Savoie, France
  • Date of event
  • 29/06/2018
  • Distance
  • 3.8km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 1000m+

Mammut Tahtali Run To Sky 2018

  • Registration
  • 16/10 ▸ 14/05
  • Location
  • Antalya, Turkey
  • Date of event
  • 18/05/2018
  • Distance
  • 6.4km ▸ 97km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 990m+ ▸ 4920m+
  • Endurance points
  • 05
  • Mountain
  • 425

2018Nanjing Laoshan 100 Trail Race 2018

  • Registration
  • 15/10 ▸ 28/02
  • Location
  • Jiangsu, China
  • Date of event
  • 24/03/2018
  • Distance
  • 47.6km ▸ 94.8km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2230m+ ▸ 3990m+

Ultra Trail Elsalvador 2018

  • Registration
  • 15/10 ▸ 28/02
  • Location
  • Chalatenango, El Salvador
  • Date of event
  • 24/03/2018
  • Distance
  • 74.1km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 4180m+
  • Endurance points
  • 4
  • Mountain
  • 8
  • Finisher criteria
  • 270

Piodão Trail Running 2018

  • Registration
  • 15/10 ▸ 25/03
  • Location
  • Coimbra, Portugal
  • Date of event
  • 07/04/2018
  • Distance
  • 50km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2930m+

Volvic Volcanic Expérience 2018

  • Registration
  • 15/10 ▸ 10/05
  • Location
  • 63 - Puy-de-Dôme, France
  • Date of event
  • 12/05/2018
  • Distance
  • 25.2km ▸ 83.3km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 920m+ ▸ 2540m+
  • Endurance points
  • 14
  • Mountain
  • 34
  • Finisher criteria
  • 100330

Gargano Running Week 2018

  • Registration
  • 15/10 ▸ 19/04
  • Location
  • Puglia, Italy
  • Date of event
  • 21/04/2018
  • Distance
  • 79.6km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2670m+
  • Endurance points
  • 4
  • Mountain
  • 4
  • Finisher criteria
  • 340

Corfu Mountain Trail 2018 Ultra 2018

  • Registration
  • 15/10 ▸ 15/03
  • Location
  • Kerkira, Greece
  • Date of event
  • 14/04/2018
  • Distance
  • 16.5km ▸ 103km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 560m+ ▸ 4110m+
  • Endurance points
  • 05
  • Mountain
  • 45
  • Finisher criteria
  • 220400

Tryavna Ultra 2018

  • Registration
  • 14/10 ▸ 23/06
  • Location
  • Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Date of event
  • 14/07/2018
  • Distance
  • 74km ▸ 140.3km
  • Height gain/loss
  • 2890m+ ▸ 6420m+
  • Endurance points
  • 46
  • Mountain
  • 56
  • Finisher criteria
  • 330380

Last results

18/11/2017   75.00km / 1800m+
Force 12 Events 2017 - Beacons Ultra

Rk Name Time
1Ammon PIEPGRASS10:01:55
2Dave RENNICK10:36:21
3Jamie VANSTONE11:22:57
1Callissa CAFFULL11:26:57
2Becca JONES11:47:06
3Amy NORFOLK14:12:57

04/11/2017   58.40km / 3970m+
Ultra-Trail® Axarquia 2017 - Trail Axarquia

Rk Name Time
3Juan Manuel SANCHEZ FALCON11:43:22

08/10/2017   100.90km / 2740m+
Trail Du Viaduc Des Fauvettes 2017 - 100 Km

Rk Name Time
1Samuel ANSELIN10:34:23
2Guillaume VILA11:14:49
3Luca PAPI11:50:26
1Sabine SCHABANEL14:30:24
2Vivi PERIGNON15:30:46
3Vania SELLAMI18:17:27

08/10/2017   50.40km / 1370m+
Trail Du Viaduc Des Fauvettes 2017 - 50 Km

Rk Name Time
1Nicolas PRIN04:09:23
2Gilles KLIPFEL04:16:21
3David HARDY04:28:34
1Rivier ANNAICK06:19:27
2Stephanie BATTIER06:27:57
3Delphine DESCLOUX06:56:27

08/10/2017   42.00km / 2520m+
Trail Endurance Shop De Gorbio 2017 - Trail De Gorbio 42Km

Rk Name Time
1Florian DEBETTE04:18:12
2Yohan VIANI04:22:16
3Vincent MOMBRU04:30:36
1Christele CARRILLO05:24:42
2Marlene CHARLON05:38:41
3Virginie WEISHAUS05:46:48

08/10/2017   28.40km / 860m+
Trail Du Barrage 2017 - 28 Km

Rk Name Time
2Angelo VAN DE CASTEELE02:19:50
3Francois ROUCHET02:26:00
1Stephanie GIBERT03:05:49
2Christine VAN BUTSELE03:11:17
3Gabrielle TEN VELDE03:20:48

08/10/2017   23.00km / 1240m+
Trail Dei Due Golfi 2017

Rk Name Time
1Salvatore PILLITTERI02:02:13
3Simone PARISI02:10:13
1Susy OLVBACK02:39:58
2Daniela NATOLI02:46:51
3Daniela PILLITTERI02:50:46

08/10/2017   25.50km / 1360m+
Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal 2017 - Utat - Viree D'ikkis

Rk Name Time
1El Houssain AITLHAJ02:21:00
2Isamail AIT OMAR02:31:00
3Adil MOUSSAOUI02:32:00
1Helene DUMONT04:09:00
2Margarida PIRES04:16:00
3Caroline BAUS04:27:00

08/10/2017   28.40km / 1370m+
Tartufo Trail Running 2017 - 28 Km

Rk Name Time
1Roberto GHEDUZZI02:21:33
2Arnaud JAILLARD02:26:42
3Hugo RODRIGUEZ02:34:21
1Celine DEQUIDT03:00:50
2Andree MERLI03:20:41
3Sara SCAFFARDI03:24:33

08/10/2017   51.70km / 2530m+
Tartufo Trail Running 2017 - 50 Km

Rk Name Time
1Enrico BONATI04:51:23
2Claudio CHIARINI05:12:17
3Ivan NERI05:22:34
1Rebeca MARINO05:56:17
2Giulia VINCO05:56:48
3Monia FONTANA06:54:10

Not to be missed... the UTMB® week !

In parallel of this international event which is the UTMB®, let us inform you about the huge week our ITRA team will have, where the attendance of many top ...

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